Swiping cards at food courts or gaming zones (which could use tokens) has been a bit of a hassle. And when you have to wait in a queue to refill your card before you wait in another queue to get the service, and since there is no service charge for a card, you can’t help but wonder why all this extra effort?


Money, as we all know as three functions: A medium of exchange, store of value (the amount in your card doesn’t change with time) and a unit of account (a yardstick). Accordingly, the cards at a food court are the safest form of money. However they are not just similar to money but better than money there.

If you had Rs 500 note with yourself and you would want to consume food or games worth 400, you would do so. But given you have recharged your card with 500 and still want to consume worth 400, you would hesitate little to spend it all. Such mentality is evident at a food court where your tummy wishes for a little more seeing that there’s still a 100 left in the card (even though you can get a full refund of the remaining amount).

With high risk factor, the game where you need to pick teddies with the help of a crane entices you a lot when there’s a pretty small amount left in your card; and so do other games. The cost of issuing cards is off course not menial; however the earnings should make up for it.

So the cards are availed to unleash your bullish spirits to consume as much as you can.


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