On what factors is the competition between various substitutable products decided? Prices, quality, ease of availability? In a nation such as ours where emotional satisfaction is a fundamental part of utility, the image of the brand is vital to sales. Do you ever feel that the person endorsing the brand is more important and influential than the brand itself? The overarching charm of the endorser has become essential there where prices and quality end up on competing.


Celebs that appear on a show for promotion just reveal a sneek peak at the beginning of the show. Thereafter they enjoy themselves and show the funny, emotional and naughty sides of themselves just to get the audience to fall more in love with them because all that matters in the end is the attachment the people have with the lead actors. This is the reason why low budget and hence less experienced starcast led films fail at the box office (and movies like Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo or Houseful 3 earn) – because the audience is hardly attached to the lead actors. These actors are nothing but the endorsers of the film and the film will only earn if the popularity of these actors rise significantly.


Kutz is an emerging high-end hair salon in Nagpur with some of the best hair stylists in the city where a basic haircut costs nearly 300. If you demand a service, you need to call them a take an appointment. And when you call them they ask you about the stylist that you wish to get your service from. What might this do to appeal the consumer? You ought to think a bit…………

They do so because this way the importance of getting attached to the stylist becomes more important than the service itself and in order to get the best service you need to keep track of the best person able to give that service. You will find your own personal favourite and hence feel content for being catered to your specific needs. Also you will ask your friends-cum-other customers about the stylist that they prefer and come to different conclusions since everyone has different preferences which will further promote the versatility of the salon.

There can be two situations – first, you might be already getting the best service possible and hence you’re content and continue as a faithful customer; you don’t compare other store services because you’re already comparatively best in Kutz. Second, you might not be getting the best service possible and hence you will continue to try different stylists until you find the stylist that exactly caters to your needs. This way finding the perfect person and being in touch with him will keep you within the embrace of the salon.


Breaching the turnover of 3000 crore, Patanjali struck the weakest chord in the nation – people’s cultural values. Babab Ramdev being not just a cultural guru, also preached nationalism in lieu of saving money from fleeing abroad. As a result the brand got affiliated to the cultural ethos and the spirit of nationalism.

So in case you launch a product, you will need to ascribe a sentiment or a valuable endorser to it.


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